Doom is pretty straight-forward. The game consists of shooting stuff, and... that's about it. But there are some strategies to keep in mind while playing Doom.

Barrel Inertia
      When barrels are shot or are within the blast radius of an explosive, they are damaged, which makes them move, and if damaged enough, explode. If you come across a row of barrels, you can use this to your advantage. In the picture at left, the right barrel was shot, moving the left barrel away and exploding it shortly after. You can use this trick to take out many enemies with one shot.

      When trapped in a thin hallway with a fireball-throwing enemy, avoiding its shots probably seems hopeless. However, you can easily throw off an enemy's aim by staying on one side of the hall, waiting for it to fire, then quickly moving to the other side and backing up.

Tricking Revenants
      The Revenant is a terrible enemy; it can launch guided missiles and punch. Fortunately, you can use one to avoid the other. When fighting a Revenant, run up to it briefly so it winds up for a punch, and quickly back up. While the Revenant is still punching nothing, shoot it. This trick stalls your enemy.

Telefragging, In a Way
      It's never a bad idea to hit the fire key just after running into a teleport for the first time. There could could be a couple of Imps or Shotgun Guys facing the teleport, and the sound of the teleport and the green blur can make them unnoticeable at first, giving them a chance to shoot you.

      Doom is your basic first-person shooter. You walk around, killing enemies and picking up items and weapons. If you run out of health, you die. This page explains how Doom works for beginners. If you are a beginner to Doom, there are some things you should know to play it.

Basic Control

      Every Doomer has his own way of controlling his character. In the old DOS days, the controls weren't very customizable, but with today's ports a player's configuration can be as unique as his suit color.
      Whatever configuration you choose, there are a few aspects of control in Doom you will simply not survive without.

*Strafe, strafe, strafe - Strafing, or sidestepping, is vital to avoiding fireballs and rockets, or simply being a moving target to a human opponent. Strafing allows you to dodge projectiles while you return fire. I recommend setting two adjacent keyboard keys to left and right strafe, while rotating with the mouse.

*Run! - If you use the mouse at all, it's probably a good idea to enable auto-run if you use a port that allows it. Of course, this makes you more difficult to hit, and is preferable when stuck in where's-that-damn-key Hell.

*Just use the mouse - When I switched over to playing Doom on Windows ports, I was stubborn and nostalgic for my DOS-induced keyboard-only play. Needless to say, I sucked at multiplayer, and Ultraviolence difficulty was a distant dream. Using the mouse gives you immense freedom with your turns.

Game Objects


      In Doom, you usually have to open doors to get to other rooms. To open a door, just walk up to it and press [space] or right-click. Some doors require
keys to be opened.


      Switches do all kinds of things. Some open doors, some raise and lower floors, and some activate crusher ceilings. To activate a switch, walk up to it and press [space] or right-click. Switches are always on walls.

The Status Bar

      The status bar is on the bottom of the screen. It shows how much ammo, health, and armor you have, as well as which keys you have. It also shows the player's face. This usually isn't very useful, except for letting you know which direction enemies are (see above screenshot). Also, the face gets bloodier as you lose more health.

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