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 OBLIGE is a random level maker for the following games: DOOM 1, DOOM 2, Final DOOM, FreeDOOM, Wolfenstein-3D, Heretic 1 and Hexen 1. These games all share the same basic level structure (except for Wolf3d which is much more limited).

OBLIGE will have the following features which set it apart from existing programs (like the famous SLIGE by David Chess) :-

  • higher quality levels, e.g. outdoor areas!
  • easy to use GUI interface (no messing with command lines)
  • built-in node builder, so the created levels are ready to play
  • uses the LUA scripting language for easy customisation
  • can create Deathmatch levels
  • Heretic and Hexen support!  For Windows!

Bad Toys 3D 1.95

Doom Builder downloads

You can get all required updates for your Windows operating system and Internet Explorer from

Always close all applications before starting an installation. Also applications in background must be closed. If there are running applications, Setup may not be able to update any files.
System Requirements
• 500 MHz CPU or faster.
   (1000+ MHz recommended)
• Windows 98 or newer.
   (2000 or XP recommended)
• Your operating system must be up to date.
• 3D Video Graphics Accelerator for 3D Mode.
• DirectX 8.1 or newer for 3D Mode.

Doom Builder Downloads
• Doom Builder 1.68 full installation - 5 MB
Doom Builder installation package, inclusive nodebuilders, ACS compiler, common ACS files and an example map. All you need to do is point Doom Builder to the IWAD (.wad file) of the original game and it works.

• Doom Builder 1.68 patch for versions 1.60 and higher - 1 MB
You only need this to upgrade Doom Builder versions 1.60 and higher to version 1.68. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your Doom Builder folder, overwriting any existing files. This does not overwrite your program's configuration.

Doom Builder Documentation
• Doom Builder: An Illustrated Guide - 2.8 MB, Adobe Acrobat format.
Official Doom Builder documentation for both new mappers and experienced mappers new to Doom Builder. Written by John W. Anderson. You need Acrobat Reader to read this. Also available in Microsoft Word format right here (4.5 MB).
Last updated at 25-7-2004 for version 1.63.

Doom Builder Source Code
• Doom Builder 1.68 source - 3.6 MB
All Doom Builder source files and resources used in the development. This program is released under GNU General Public License. This package does not contain system libraries used, you must install Doom Builder to ensure you have the required libraries.



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