Save your game at just the wrong time? When you have 9% health, a pistol, and 15 Imps? Then don't worry, there's a way out. To activate a cheat, type its code during gameplay.



iddqd God mode (invincibility)
idkfa All weapons, ammo, and keys, and 200% armor
idfa All weapons and ammo, and 200% armor
idclev## Go to level ##. Example: idclev12 goes to level 12 in Doom 2, episode 1 level 2 in Doom.
idmus## Change music to the music of level ##. Example: idmus31 changes the music to that of level 31 in Doom 2, episode 3 level 1 in Doom.
idspispopd Walk through walls in Doom 1 (no clipping mode).
idclip Walk through walls in Doom 2 (no clipping mode).
idchoppers Get a chainsaw.
iddt Fills in entire map. Must be in map mode to activate. Type it twice to see all things on the map.
idbehold# Free items. # can be:
V: invulnerability sphere
S: berserk pack
I: partial invisibility
R: radiation suit
A: computer map
L: light-amp goggles
idmypos Shows your coordinates in map mode.
NOTE: The following cheats only work in the Doom 95 port, which comes with the Doom Collector's Edition (thanks to Aaron for the following codes)
fhhall Kills all monsters on a map, except for Lost Souls and the Final Boss.
fhshh Enemies don't notice you unless either you collide with them, they hear you shoot, or they are hurt.

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