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 Welcome To the Doom Fan Site. If you do not know what doom is than your about to find out. In this site you will see sprite sheets, downloads, information, chat rooms, and more. If your going to be on this site just to make fun of Doom then I advise you to stay out unless you want to be familiar with Doom or you are just a fan that wants to see more Doom in your life. Okay enough reading this! Put your cursor on one of those links up there so you can see more doom. There is a ChatRoom Below! Do not say anything bad or wrong about Doom. You can do anything else except for saying bad things about this site and it's creator and Doom. There is Downloads, doom tutorials, and cheats but you can't see them up there. so here are the links to them. http://doomfansite.synthasite.com/downloads.php



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